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We are listing here iPhone Apps that will help you train your dog and learn more about dogs. If you have any suggestions please place a comment at the bottom of the post.

My Dog Remote Control

Genre: Lifestyle, Utilities
Language: English
Price: free
Version: 2.0

Artist: iFootpath
Released at: 09/12/2012
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Can a Dog Really Talk?

Can A Dog Really Talk?

To answer the question, one needs first to look at what exactly is meant in this context by the verb ‘talk’. And when seeking to define a word, the obvious place to start is naturally a dictionary, and here is what the Collins English

Dictionary has to say about it:

Talk: to express one’s thoughts, feelings, or desires by means of words

(to); speak (to)

However, more relevant to us at this moment, is the second definition that Collins also provides:

Talk: to communicate or exchange thoughts by other means, and then cites as an example of this usage the phrase lovers talk with their eyes.

Obviously, there is no doubt that dogs do talk – and most clearly as well — according to the second definition. Just the same, that still leaves less than fully answered the directly-related question as to whether dogs can express themselves through the use of words.

In many ways, the jury is still out on that question. Until not so long ago, the generally held view was that dogs could not talk in the sense that they used words to convey meanings, but recent scientific studies have caused the experts to think again.