Standard Poodles Are Great Dogs – What More Could You Want?

Standard Poodles are great dogs.

We own a lovely standard black bitch called Bobbie. She is everything that we want in a dog. Indeed Standard Poodles offer so much as they are affectionate, clever, great family dogs, athletic, trainable, etc., etc. And as they don’t shed their hair so they can go anywhere in the house.

Standard Poodles Make Great Dogs

Standard Poodles make great dogs


So what’s with the need to cross Poodles with other dogs? What else are people looking for? Is it just that Poodles have a bad name? Crossbreeds don’t naturally take the best parts of their respective parents. So if you believe that a Labrador Poodle cross for example is going to be the prefect dog be careful. You may well end up with a food driven dog that chews everything, gets over excited and sheds hair.


They are not so common here in the UK than they used to be. I am not sure why. The grooming is quite expensive at around £45 ($80) every six to eight weeks. But it’s better than having to vacuum up dog hair from house and car. Bobbie loves going to the dog groomers. Not sure what goes on in there but she is always so excited when we pull up outside. But then Standard Poodles are generally happy dogs. They like being with people and other dogs.


Our dog has been virtually free from illness and she is now fifteen months old. Maybe we have been lucky no skin ailments or tummy troubles. We do use a raised feeding dish, which I believe helps with digestion and we feed her a good quality dry food. Fish is her favourite food so she is easy to treat with some tuna. In general I believe Poodles are fussy eaters unlike some other breeds they pick and choose and as we have never fed Bobbie at the table she does not beg. Being a little fussy and not a greedy dog is good as she is unlikely to put on weight if she gets enough exercise but it makes her a little harder to train as she soon gets bored of the same treat.


No, my advice is to stick with a pure bred Standard Poodle and enjoy a fantastic dog that has been around since the Middle Ages. Get to know the breed enjoy their characteristics and be proud to walk your poodle along the street. You don’t need to give your dog a fancy haircut just a nice even cut makes them look great – and with a tail too!. It’s up to you. If you like a fancy Poodle cut them off you go…standard Poodles walk so elegantly that they look good what ever their coat is like. When people see what a great dog you have people will stop to talk to you and admire. And when someone asks what type of dog you have (and we get asked all of the time) say proudly – ‘my dog is a pure Standard Poodle and is absolutely wonderful’