Dog Remote Control App is easy to use for fun or for training.

The App comprises an easy to use keypad with some recorded noises – clicker and whistle – and other keys that can be programmed for new sounds and phrases that the users can add.

<< Tips >>

Please make dog training fun – this training aid should be used for ‘positive reinforcement’ training. Dogs only understand commands when you teach them – just because you understand the word does not mean that your dog will.

1 – Record your voice or sounds on the buttons for the commands you wish to train. ‘Clicker’ and ‘Whistle’ are pre-recorded. you can also add someone else’s voice or a combination of sounds

2 – If your dog already responds to some voice commands then try practising these first. Do not expect perfect results first time. Make the success easy, always reward and ten you can add more complex tricks later

3 – Reward your dog when things go right – NEVER punish your dog when things don’t go well. Keep training sessions short – little and often works best. Try to always finish on a high.

4 – You can use the ‘Clicker’ button to help reinforce training – ‘Sit” followed by ‘Clicker’ as soon as the dog responds by sitting down, followed by giving a treat. Your dog will soon learn that the ‘Clicker’ sound means he/she has performed the right task.


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