Welcome to Dog Remote Control an iPhone App for fun and training.

This website is dedicated to the support of the Dog Remote Control iPhone App.

The free Dog Remote Control App can be pre-programmed with sounds or voice commands that your dog is conditioned to recognise and respond to. If you are one of those owners whose voice changes when you are stressed, being able to give your dog a consistent, calm and assertive command at the touch of a button – no shouting, no panicking, no babbling – is invaluable even when your dog is right beside you.


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In addition to programming the Dog Remote Control with your unique voice command(s) it can also be set up with a sound or sound combination that you know your dog with respond to – or how about recording a sound or command already successfully used by your personal dog trainer or even a celebrity trainer?

There are endless things you can try with your dog to help with training.

The Dog Remote Control iPhone App is available free through iTunes>>

We are putting together pages to help you get the most from you Dog Remote Control and enjoy training your dog. Please visit our Tips and our Frequently Asked Questions for more help.

Dog Remote Control

Bobbie the standard poodle – listening to the iPhone Ap

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Please make it fun for your dog so it is happy when it sees your iPhone. Training should be fun for you and your dog. Your dog will appreciate working for you and getting its reward. We always welcome feedback and suggestions for how we can improve theDog Remote Control App – please use the Contact Us page.

Here are some screen shots for Dog Remote Control.

Please let us know how you get on with the App and help others find fun ways to train their dogs at home or out on the trail.


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Dog Remote Control App

The control Pad for My Dog Remote Control


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