This page sets out some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Dog Remote Control and the Dog Remote Control iPhone App.

FAQs for my dog remote control

Where Can if acquire the Dog Remote Control iPhone App?

Just use this link to find the App on iTunes>>

Is there a Google Android, Windows or Blackberry Dog Remote Control App?

Unfortunately not. We have only launched an Apple iPhone App so far. If the iPhone App is a great success then we will develop other versions  – so please spread the word.

Will you update the features and functions of Dog Remote Control?

Yes, we intend to continue to develop the App if there is demand. Please use the ‘Contact Us’ page to let us know what functions you would like the Dog Remote Control App to feature

What is a ‘Clicker’ and why is it used?

Lots of people user Clickers for dog training. It is a way to make a timely reward to a dog when it has achieved a task  – click treat – is the common mantra. It helps to ensure that the reward for an action is timely.

What sort of sounds should I record?

Any command you like  – stay, sit, beg speak, etc. but remember that your dog cannot speak english! You need to train your dog and and voice commands to the training.

How could I use the Whistle sound?

The Whistle sound is good for calling your dog. This is quite an easy training process. Just play the whistle and treat your dog. Keep doing this at various times of the day. Once the dog gets the idea try making the Whistle sound from another room in the house. Your lovely dog will soon realise that a treat is being offered and will run to find you. It will clearly respons to the Remote Control on your iPhone






  • Robert L. Gilmore SR says:

    I would like to record my own whistle and I use one beep for sit to beeps for laydown multiple beeps for here with my doggies out to 300 yards

  • Robert L. Gilmore says:

    These are standard commands for hunting dogs

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